The artist

My name is Ralf Kiwus, Iwas born in 1965 and I grew up in southern Germany. I trained in sacred and modern sculpture. I continued my training in Alsace as a sculptor in wood and stone. I completed my training with courses in nude drawing and anatomy in Munich.

For many years I worked in my own workshops and in various projects all over Europe. Since 1994 I live between Spain and Germany developing my artistic profession.

I love to apply very diverse techniques in my work, which is why the variety of my projects over the years has made me a multidisciplinary artist with several specialties:

  • Carving of figures in any type of wood.
  • Sculpture with metal welding.
  • Copper pictures with pigments based on oxides.

In a complementary way, I have specialized in artistic works by order for clients or other artists, always focused on harmonizing aesthetics and functionality:

  • Design and restoration of interior furniture.
  • Mosaiquismo (Trencadís) in facades and ergonomic urban concrete furniture.
  • Landscaping with forging, stone and wood.


-Ralf Kiwus

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Buddha fountain

Mosaic Workshop